EWSE Empowering Women
for Sport events in Europe

A network of women sport events in Europe can enhance their positive social, economic and cultural impacts on women in sport, increasing the sustainability of these events and using the potential of Mass Participation Sporting Events beyond the events themselves to boost the role of women in sport as a factor of change.

Our aims is Promote a European network of women sport festivals and events to create an innovative networking model that can boost equality in sport leadership, visibility and representation of women sport, promoting accessibility for all and environmental sustainability as key assets.

The project will target 4 objectives



Analyse and map social, economic, cultural barriers for women sport events and festivals to reach the same economic impact as well as media attention, enhancing cooperation and networking among European sports stakeholders;


Quality Network

Promote a quality network for training and mutual support among professional women in sport and young women willing to become sport events manager and promoters, in a logic of cooperation, mentoring and scaling up capacities, impacts and networking;


New Narrative

Promote a new narrative for women’s role in sport, valorising women’s leadership to enhance the general quality of European sport events and their positive impacts beyond the event itself;


Kick Start

To kick start efforts on environmentally aware and accessible for all sports events, valorising a women perspective and promoting tools for organizers and participants;

Project Outputs

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