EWSE Empowering Women
for Sport events in Europe

Networking women’s sporting events and festivals in Europe can improve their social, economic and cultural impact. It can be a boost and enhancement factor for the presence of women in sport, but it also offers good practices and experiences that can increase inclusion, accessibility and environmental sustainability by representing a factor of change and modernity. 

Pursuing gender equality in sports leadership, promoting the visibility and representation of women’s sports means consolidating an innovative networking model that brings about real inclusion and with it a regeneration from which the entire sporting phenomenon can benefit: increasing practitioners , consolidating the base, giving opportunities to everyone means creating the best and most solid foundations on which the top level can support itself.

Events Map

A Map of women sports festivals and events in Europe, with national and international relevance, in order to promote contacts and exchange experiences and good practices between organizers and organizations involved.

The project will target 4 objectives



Analyze and map the social, economic and cultural barriers for women’s sport events and festivals to achieve high impact and attract media attention, strengthening cooperation and networking between European sport stakeholders;


Quality Network

Promote a quality network for training and mutual support among professional women in sport and young women willing to become sport events manager and promoters, in a logic of cooperation, mentoring and scaling up capacities, impacts and networking;


New Narrative

Promote a new narrative for women’s role in sport, valorising women’s leadership to enhance the general quality of European sport events and their positive impacts beyond the event itself;


Kick Start

Enhance a female, inclusive, empathic, responsible, ecological perspective by suggesting tools for organizers and participants

Project Outputs

A brief analysis of women sports in europe - IO1

The report identifies the main barriers and challenges for equal visibility, support and relevance of women’s sporting events in Europe. It also provides insights and recommendations for future actions, to strengthen the accessibility, sustainability and inclusiveness of events, to contribute to the training of women who organize or want to organize sporting events, as well as practical ideas and advice to improve networking and visibility



Guiding Toolkit and Facilitators guide- IO2


EWSE HANDBOOK: Inclusive, sustainable and accessible sporting events in Europe - IO4

EWSE Chart: Principles to organise inclusive, accessible and sustainable sport events - IO4

Smart toolkit for sport activists: how to promote inclusive, sustainable and visible Sport Events - IO5

IO6 - Digital reportage from Paris Sport Event





Final report with the evaluation of the impact produced and producible in the medium and long term by the action with recommendation for sport institutions - IO7

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17 may 2023 – Rome

A great training event in Rome with speakers of the highest level. Thanks to the Ordine Giornalisti del Lazio, Vittorio Di Trapani, Ivano Maiorella and

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