“La partita della parità” (The match for equality) Rome 16 may 2023
May 8, 2023

On the occasion of the event “La partita della parità” (The match for equality) organised by the associations Assist, Amnesty International, UISP, Sport for society, and Associazione italiana calciatori (Italian Footballers’ Association) is scheduled for 16 May, an important training event will take place on 17 May in Rome at the FNSI headquarters. The event, organised in cooperation with the Italian National Press Federation and the Order of Journalists of Lazio, will deal with a variety of topics related to gender equality and combating stereotypes in sport.

Assist will present the platform of the European project EWSE, thanks to which sites and information on major women’s sports events in Europe will be enhanced. Many prestigious speakers will make this day an important and valuable event not only for journalists and women journalists, but for the entire sport community interested in these fundamental issues.