FEMALE SPORT: Value of a society free from discrimination, stereotypes and sexism
December 22, 2021


A day to celebrate the value of women’s sport as a human and social wealth was held in Padua on 19 December, with the presence of the Councillor for Sport Diego Bonavina and extraordinary guests such as Olympic champions Antonella Bellutti, Daniele Scarpa and Sandra Truccolo.

The Charter of Ethics for Women’s Sport, promoted by Assist and already adopted by many Italian cities, including, in addition to Padua, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Caltanissetta, Enna, Cremona and others. A document, the Charter, thanks to which cities commit themselves to ensure gender equality in sport and develop policies and actions to enhance the practice of sport by girls and women.

In the afternoon, the EWSE project on the promotion of women’s sports events was presented